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Where statistics meet individuals: US Census Bureau publishes the 1940 Census records.



And lots of interesting infographics



The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group provides a website which is extremly well structured and very informative. It’s giving insight in a multitude of topics … and in statistics.

‘The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group is a multilateral development finance institution established to contribute to the economic development and the social progress of African countries.’ (The ADB in 10)

Integrated into this website is the Data Portal giving access to maps, country profiles/dashboards and interacive data queries.


The dashboard gives a broad overview over countries and aggregates. I.e. Algeria:


Most powerful is the data query.

It’s based on prognoz software, offering – ‘Solutions for evidence-based policy-making’ (quote from: Statistics for Policy making_2011)
Have a look at this query example showing the use of internet and mobile phones in North Africa, an explosive development – not only in terms of statistics:

There’s  an iPad solution, too.  The same topic visualised with this iPad app looks like this:

World Bank’s Data Visualiser uses the same technology based on the World Development Indicators 2010. Comparing mobile cellular subscriptions (per 100 people) with GDP growth per capita shows: there’s no big correlation, but the same fast growth in communication tools since 2000 …

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