Statistics Blogs of 2011: an overview and among the best

Today Blog about Stats got this comment from The Best Colleges’ Homepage

‘We wanted to let you know that your blog was included in our list of the top 50 statistics blogs of 2011. Our goal was to highlight blogs that students and prospective students will find useful and interesting in their exploration of the field.’

The entire list with a lot of interesting stats blogs is here:

Thanks. It’s very motivating for Blog about Stats!

Timelines: past and future


In the past nobody was perfectly right in predicting the future of (communication) technologies. This does not prevent from crystal ball gazing. It’s always  exciting!

And so Envisioning technology from Stockholm, Sweden did it and got an impressive sketch:

Interesting: linked data is mentioned within the interval 2011 to 2015.
Disappointing: interplanetary internet is far away -;) (Who will use this? In the Space elevator!)

‘“Envisioning technology is a work in progress, researched and designed by technologist Michell Zappa.

Dip into the past

Internet (r)evolution documented in the light of various manifestos .

Original comment  from OWNI: ‘Depuis que le réseau est apparu, avant même que le terme Internet n’entre dans les usages, de nombreux usagers ont éprouvé le besoin d’écrire des textes pour encadrer ce nouvel espace et indiquer dans quelle direction il fallait l’orienter, esquissant chacun une vision du Net. ‘

OWNI presents its mission: ‘OWNI is a social media which brings you the very best news and prospective ideas on the ever-changing digital age – today in France, tomorrow all around Europe’. (English: French: OWNI gets money not from selling news but from developping apps for news, like the above internet timeline.

“Surfing with Ed” on the waves of WordPress

There is a new WordPress blog dedicated to statistical websites: Our colleague Ed Swires-Hennessy is continuing his periodical reviews of statistical websites in a blog form (

I see his reviews as a valuable source of information on web usability from a user’s point of view. His original website includes reviews since 1998 and for some of those the websites have changed already. You can check those by using the Wayback Machine.

Happy surfing 🙂