The last one … and reflections about new ones

The last one

This is the last one as The Globe and Mail reports

‘Statistics Canada published the last edition of its longest-running publication on Tuesday. It is the last such print publication and will not continue as an online resource. After 145 years of documenting the country’s history, the Canada Year Book will no longer be published.’

“In the future, we will have summary tables that have the exact same information as in the Canada Year Book, but it’s up to date every month or every three months…the new way of accessing information is online so we’re just moving to that,” said Statscan’s Ms. Beaudoin.

TAVIA GRANT, The Globe and Mail, Published Tuesday, Nov. 13 2012, 4:12 PM EST


And plans …

… for ‘a book about Digital Publishing and new ways to organize, create and deliver media experience.

Publishing is emerging into a new kind of media situated directly between print, web and motion. It combines the best of these worlds and creates a completely new kind of experience.

By doing so Digital Publishing bridges the gap between so called “classic” and “new” media. Also publishing for iPad, Kindle Fire and other tablet and smartphone devices is heavily influencing the way we look at this “other” media.

This requires a completely new approach to publishing and media production.’