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Motion Chart is one of the visual gadgets available in Google spreadsheets.  This is best known.

But Motion Chart is one of the visualizations in Google Public Data Explorer, too.

Data Explorer also offers diagrams and maps.

The original trendalyzer from Hans and Ola Rosling’s Gapminder still exists and is periodically updated with new data. Rosling’s interactive bubble graphs are often integrated in fascinating videos where developments are explained.

Others have adopted bubble-graph presentations in their visualization tools, so i.e. NComVa and Prognoz (see this post: Africa).

A short overview can be found in this post: Trendalyzer and sons


Original post from 2008 below:

Google has activated the trendalyzer graphic style known and bought from Gapminder (thank you Marc Ringuette for the hint in your comment). Google integrates trendalyzer, now renamed Motion Chart, in its spreadsheet. There you can choose several types of visualizations, i.e. Motion Chart.

It’s like in EXCEL and more: The graphs produced from the data can also be exported as gadgets and introduced in iGoogle or in whatever website. The link to Google spreadsheet remains necessary and gadgets can be updated with new data. In fact you don’t get autonomous graphs as known from other trendalyzer clones (see trend graphs).


How to:
In Google spreadsheet data have to be highlighted and with “Insert -> Gadget” a Motion Chart can be produced from these data.



As a gadget choose Motion Chart



Give a title, check data fields … and it’s done


As with other templates it’s not easy to produce good graphical representations. Good concepts and clear messages are needed.

And here are two links with further help:



Try it yourself !