How to do trend graphs

Analyzing trends in Gapminder style has become a legend. With Google trendalyzer we hoped to get a user friendly tool to produce such graphs but unfortunately this widget has disappeared and Yonatan B, too.

In a recent post Eng. Hisham Abdel Maguid from Epic Systems has shown us this Flash applications or
He told us that data input is in Excel, xml and Access format and that a program interface with edit menus will be available soon.

And there is another demo in this style by Boomerang

Things are moving,

2 thoughts on “How to do trend graphs

  1. I want to point out Gotrends from the – City of Göteborg. Sofar an offline Flash application that is run locally on any computer.

    It has proven to be especially successful in giving an account of a society’s sustainable development. Inspired by Gapminder, Gotrends has been developed by the City of Göteborg in order to satisfy the need of cities to make large quantities of complex data comprehensible, accessible and inspiring.

    It will be presented in a Statistics Sweden regional statistics conference in Malmö 17-18 April and in the Statistics Sweden and OECD Joint seminar in Stockholm 26-27 May.

    Se abstract and contact details at

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