Some good presentations from this year’s event in Zürich, Switzerland.

Nigel Shadbolt on Open Data and Economy


Abraham Bernstein, University of Zurich on Big Open Data Processing (in German)



Alain Nadeau, Swiss Federal Statistical Office FSO on Finding and Using FSO Data (in German)


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UK Open Government Data: A next step

‘Over the next five years, the UK government will provide up to £10 million to fund the establishment of an Open Data Institute … the most notable areas of data that will be opened up are transport, weather and health … The Institute will be headed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Professor Nigel Shadbolt, of Southampton University. Also planned are a Data Strategy Board and Public Data Group to make use of data from the Met Office, Ordnance Survey, the Land Registry and Companies House. This will include, for example, prices of residential properties sold from data available from the Land Registry.’ Official statistics too? 

‘The Open Data Institute will “innovate, exploit and research open data opportunities with business and academia”, chancellor George Osborne,’

Open Data – Some Perspectives

In Switzerland there is a growing discussion about open government data, on June 24 2011 a very well appreciated conference – 2011 – took place in Bern.

All presentations can be found at on youtube.

Jeremy Stucki (interactive things) posted an English summary on Many thanks!

Invited speakers Nigel Shadbolt and Rufus Pollock presented their views in a lively and engaging manner.

My presentation was about open data and Official Statistics: Some Perspectives. Here it is

.. ans as video in German