Hello browser

Another reason why the browser will survive  the social-media driven advance of apps (be it iPad’s or facebook’s) is its evolution.

One of these evolutionary paths is the new browser standard HTML5 .

Another evolutionary path is melting the classic all-purpose browser with apps. And this is what RockMelt ist trying to do – and perhaps Internet Explorer and Chrome soon too.

RockMelt is a new kind of browser melting classic browser navigation with social-media functionalities. It’s one-stop-shop browsing.  ‘A browser isn’t just a tool for looking at websites. It has the power to shape the experience of being online. A new browser, Rockmelt, is built to show the Web through the prism of your online contacts. Social features literally frame every page the user views, meaning that every page view is surrounded by tools that let users share it with social networks, see which friends are online, and get updates from social networks.’  Read the discussion about RockMelt in Technology Review ‘A new Facebook Browser Faces an Uncertain Future’.

Screenshot of RockMelt with a website and also twitter and facebook windows opened.