Better decision support at iPad

Translated from Computer Sweden by Google translate:

Of Joel Åsblom

The Swedish decision support provider QlikTech has developed a version of QlikView iPad. Among the users are a Dutch customer who has supplied 150 offices with Apple’s tablet PC.

Qlikview i olika manicker.
Qlikview of various widgets.

QlikTech has recently invested heavily in developing mobile versions of the decision support tool QlikView. 

– We tailor Qlikview for iPad, iPhone and Android. One can of course also run regular QlikView AJAX client in the browser on them, “says marketing manager Jennifer Ehle QlikTech.

She says that many Swedish customers running pilots of mobile clients, mainly on the iPhone, and that interest is also great from the outside world. The latest example is the Dutch mortgage lender, the Hypotheekshop as equipped sellers of 150 offices with Apple iPad. With them will Qlikview enhance sales and improve customer service.

Among the advantages of QlikView brings out is that Ipadversionen of Qlikview has features to analyze business data directly with customers. Since the iPad has built-in GPS, you can, for example to obtain local information about the inventory data to customers within a specific geographic area.

Qlikview HD will initially be designed for the multi-touch interface that is available in Apple’s tablet PC where you can both tap, pinch and drag to select data points.

Aggregating statistical news with twitter

More and more statistical agencies are using twitter to spread their news. It’s quite simple:  Opening a twitter account and populating it via the RSS-feeds the agency already offers.  Several tools like twitterfeed, hootsuite or Google’s feedburner help to do this.  Here the Slovenian example (using twitterfeed).

Make a list

But how to get an overview of the many twitter accounts you are interested in? You can follow their twitter in your own account (and only you see these) or you can populate your or another twitter account with all the RSS feeds of the many agencies.
But there’s an even better solution. Twitter offers a good tool: lists. Put together all the twitters you like in a list and you will find the news in one place.

An example: I put (surely not) all twitter offers of statistical agencies into the list ‘stats-all‘  .

Here it is:

Embed the list

The advantage of a list: It can be embedded in a third-party website using the twitter widget service . And there it is updated continually.

See this example:

And this example, embedding the list in another aggregator like netvibes ;).

Netvibes. International Statistics. Experimental.

Create a magazine

And that’s not all: With such a list you may create a Statistical Magazine on the iPad without any further programming using one of the great free apps, so i.e. flipboard.
Add this list to flipboard and it’s done. flipboard shows more than two or three lines (like twitter) and allows a first insight into the twitter update.

Touching Statistics

This week the German parliament lifted the ban on using tablet computers like the iPad during sessions. Earlier this year one MP dared to read his speech from an iPad and got cited for that. Still laptop computers aren’t allowed for the noise and visual barrier they present.

Now I don’t have any aspirations of speaking in parliament but I do know what a difference a touch device makes. It is so much more convincing in one on one talks. Modern tablet sized computers are very likely to run SVG capable browsers, so data visualisation is a given. In this video you will see some additions to the webbased visualisations as far as the touch interface goes, which is a little different from pointer devices like the traditional mouse.

Try it out as a beta version on my personal site at

Additionally this population pyramid uses the html5 application cache which means this web-app will work even without an internet connection. So if you have a WiFi only device or are afraid of roaming costs during international conferences, just visit the above URL once and bookmark it. From then on it will work without an internet connection.

If you want to start developing yourself just do a view source at the above URL or read further in the Safari Reference Library.