Social Media – Infographical Information

Social Media are state of the art.

But which one to use, which one to follow? Mobile,  desktop?

See the infographics by about Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin.

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And it’s mobile and it’s Africa!



Two People – One Opinion

‘Social Media Are Here to Stay’

sm-part1Interview, Credit Suisse Bulletin, September 27, 2012. IPad Edition



Infographics are kind of cartoons: eyecatching, telling stories … . Combining  visualisations with textual explications infographics are an interesting thing, unfortunately rarely used in official statistics.

There are good ones and poor ones. In Pinterest there is a big collection of infographics to be explored – put together by The Next Web.


Pinterest (‘Organize and share things you love’) is an online pinboard. For images only! And it’s ‘social media’s rising star’ (Mashable).


Clicking a pinned infographic you will get the bigger picture and a link to the original source.



And perhaps infographics become more popular in the media’s story telling. A sign: The new offer for journalists – – provides not only a tool for charts (still quite poor design) but also a tool  for infographics (to come).


Towards the Automatic Creation of Infographics

Infographics and data visualisation are of top interest.

Startups come (like, see below) and go (like offering visualisation services in various flavours.

Now arrives ‘the first startup that solely focuses on mass producing infographics’ and will automate the making of infographics (Techcrunch).

‘, the most daring start-up in visualization after the previous demise of Swivel and other “social visualization” ventures.’ (information aesthetics).

A nice concept

and a fascinating vision towards combining infographics with augmented reality (at the end of the video presentation):

And even if this statup will not succeed it offers some great infographics , including a Satirical Look at Infographics….

.. and a contribution to statistical literacy (see full infographic here):