100 Years

Comparing statistical visualizations over a period of 100 years is quite rare. The newly published Atlas of the Swiss Federal Statistical Office offers just this possibility.


100 years ago Statistics Switzerland published a Graphic-Statistical Atlas. It was a wonderful visualization of dozens of topics and developments. All the diagrams and maps were hand-made and of superb quality.



In order to honor this great work, Statistics Switzerland did it again. A facsimile of the old Atlas is now accompanied by quite the same diagrams and maps but filled wth data from our century. With this technique, a visual overview of changes during the last century becomes possible and gives fascinating insights.


The Atlas is available in Geman and French at http://www.bfs.admin.ch/bfs/portal/de/index/news/publikationen.html?publicationID=6327


1901-1910 original visualization


2001-2010 updated visualization



1901-1910 original visualization


2001-2010 updated visualization


Swiss Statistics – Election Atlas 2011

Swiss parliament elections took place on Sunday 23 October 2011. As part of its services the Federal Statistical Office is making available a modern e-atlas in German and French. The Political Atlas provides a cartographic visualisation of the electoral strength of the main parties and party groups together with previous electoral results going back to 1919.

Wahlatlas Schweiz


This Atlas is based on a Content Management system which has been used for other atlases:

See also: https://blogstats.wordpress.com/2011/09/28/ipad-atlas/

iPad Atlas

iPad got a new interactive atlas today! It’s the iStat@las provided by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office FSO. This Statistical Atlas of Switzerland gives an  overview of captivating regional issues covering a lot of themes. A user-friendly interactive interface lets discover spatial disparities and relationships, down to the level of Swiss municipalities. Available in German and French.

Whoever does not own an iPad here’s the Flash based online atlas on Statistic Switzerland’s website.

Three for Atlas Version Three

ETH Zurich, swisstopo and the Federal Statistical Office FSO just published the 3rd version of the “Atlas of Switzerland” setting new standards in cartography on an international level. Available offline only, on DVD.

See a description of the features here.

Over 2000 maps from the subject areas of transport, energy, communication, nature and the environment, society, economy, state and politics are included.

3D cartography included. Simultaneous combination of 2 themes in one 3D map

And also a realistic simulation of day/night situations; data available on around 120 000 celestial bodies