‘Better Data. Better Lives’ is a very well made video about the role of statistics. Everybody agrees that data are necessary for evidence based decisions and progress. But all communication work has to deal with the problem that striking examples demonstrating this connection are not easy to be presented. Perhaps in the next video? ūüėČ

Broader Measures

The 46th session of the United Nations Statistcal Commission from 3 to 6 March 2015 at UN Headquarters in New York will deal with a report on broader (and better) measures of progress. This ‘report presents a roadmap for the development and implementation of an indicator and monitoring framework for the post-2015 development agenda. In particular the report discusses the development of the post-2015 indicator framework.’

Apple iOS, Android or HTML5 ???

Providing statistical data to mobile users is an ever-growing challenge for statistical agencies.

Which platform should we use: Apple’s iOS, Googles Android or browsers with HTML5?

Some (US based) figures from eMarketer shed light on the development of both operating systems.

And some previsions


For its part, HTML5 offers new possibilities in browser-based publishing with results comparable to APPs of Apple or Android. See i.e. New York Times in Chrome browser.

What brings HTML5? A short but quite demanding description is given by


I admire the simplicity and aesthetics of Apple’s new interfaces, ¬†I am convinced that the openness of Android will convince many users and App providers and ¬†I would prefer a multiplatform solution like HTML5. Now what?

Better decision support at iPad

Translated from Computer Sweden by Google translate:

Of Joel √Ösblom

The Swedish decision support provider QlikTech¬†has developed a version of¬†QlikView iPad. Among the users are a Dutch customer who has supplied 150 offices with Apple’s tablet PC.

Qlikview i olika manicker.
Qlikview of various widgets.

QlikTech has recently invested heavily in developing mobile versions of the decision support tool QlikView. 

– We¬†tailor Qlikview¬†for iPad, iPhone and Android.¬†One can of course also run regular QlikView¬†AJAX client in the browser on them, “says marketing manager Jennifer Ehle¬†QlikTech.

She says that many Swedish customers running pilots of mobile clients, mainly on the iPhone, and that interest is also great from the outside world. The latest example is the Dutch mortgage lender, the Hypotheekshop as equipped sellers of 150 offices with Apple iPad. With them will Qlikview enhance sales and improve customer service.

Among the advantages of QlikView brings out is that Ipadversionen of Qlikview has features to analyze business data directly with customers. Since the iPad has built-in GPS, you can, for example to obtain local information about the inventory data to customers within a specific geographic area.

Qlikview HD will¬†initially be designed for the multi-touch interface that is available in Apple’s tablet PC where you can both tap, pinch and drag to select data points.