Who is?

The International Marketing and Statistical Output Database Conference (IMAODBC) is a forum for presentations and discussions on the marketing of and access to statistical data, and addresses challenges and opportunities with a focus on user needs and the Internet in particular. The conference aims to draw together experts from National Statistics Offices and Statistical Organizations with an interest in marketing, output databases and web dissemination.

The conference takes place every year. It is organized by a National Statistical Institute. The best presentation gets the Bo Sundgren Award.

Meetings since 2001:

  • 2001     Ottawa, Ontario, Canada   – Bo Sundgren Award: Petteri Baer (Statistics Finland)
  • 2002     Annapolis, Maryland, USA   – Bo Sundgren Award: David Pullinger (Office for National Statistics UK, ONS)
  • 2003     Bath, UK – Bo Sundgren Award: Allan Smith (Office for National Statistics UK, ONS) with Michael Neutze (Statistisches Bundesamt Germany, destatis)
  • 2004     Oslo, Norway –   Bo Sundgren Award: Antonio Argueso (National Statistics Institute of Spain, INE)
  • 2005     The Hague, Netherlands –  Bo Sundgren Award: Siu Ming Tam (Australian Bureau of Statistics ABS)
  • 2006     Avila, Spain –  Bo Sundgren Award: Annegrete Wulff (Statistics Denmark)
  • 2007     Cork, Ireland –  Bo Sundgren Award: Armin Grossenbacher (Federal Statistical Office of Switzerland, FSO)
  • 2008     Naantali, Finland –  Bo Sundgren Award: Allan Smith (Office for National Statistics UK, ONS)
  • 2009     Toronto, Canada -Bo Sundgren Award: Edwin de Jonge (Statistics Netherlands, CBS)
  • 2010     Vilnius, Lithuania – Bo Sundgren Award: Vincenzo Patruno (Italian National Institute of Statistics, istat)
  • 2011     Óbidos, Portugal – Bo Sundgren Award: Xavier Badosa (Statistical Institute of Catalonia, idescat)