Blogs – are there applications for statistical agencies?

Hi everyone – I am Jessica Gardner from the UNECE Statistical Division, and I am very pleased to join in this blog. At the upcoming UNECE Work Session on Dissemination and Communication in Washington (12-14 September 2006), I will present a paper on ‘Blogs – are there applications for statistical agencies?’. When researching this topic, I was delighted to learn about ‘Blog about Stats’, and the work Armin and others are doing to utilise this emerging communication channel.

According to Technorati, there are more than 52 million blogs currently in existence, with around 75,000 new ones being created every day. It is certainly a medium worth taking notice of! Statistical agencies could consider:

  1. using blogs to communicate with staff and customers
  2. creating a policy on blogging (whether or not you decide to publish an official agency blog)
  3. monitoring what the blogosphere is saying about your agency

You can download my paper (5 pages) to read more about these ideas. There is an accompanying presentation (6 MB), which includes examples of how blogs are being used by organizations.

Perhaps the most immediate benefit to be gained from blogs is the creation of cost-effective knowledge management and communication systems. It seems ‘Blog about Stats’ aims to do just that, by providing a platform for communication between dissemination specialists in statistical offices. Well done!


imaodbc: Web 2.0 and your Website?

Dear all

In Statistics Switzerland we have introduced RSS for press releases, publications, agenda, jobs etc. to allow interested users to get information fast and without delay. Many other NSIs use this tool too.

A next step with RSS could allow third party websites to introduce informations from NSI’s websites in their information offer. This and other possibilities of Web 2.0 open new discussions about copyright and information strategies. What is Your opinion? Which are Your plans? Please add a comment.

Kind regards

Armin Grossenbacher, Statistics Switzerland

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