An interesting application with a lot of functions. Click on picture below or read more at Access to Statistics.

A BarCamp for World Stats Day

In Italy there will be taken a interesting initiative in organising a BarCamp for the World Statistics Day.

This form allows members to participate in a number of different workshops.

The overall topic of these workshops is:

“Sharing Data and Statistical Knowledge”

Get more information (in Italian) starting on Vincenzo Patrunos Blog

UN Stats Session on Dissemination

Seminar on Emerging Trends in Data Communication and Dissemination

19 February 2010

The seminar on “Emerging Trends in Data Communication and Dissemination” is part of a series of one-day high level seminars dedicated to topics of great relevance for the global statistical community, which Uited Nations Statistics Division has been organizing for some years now on the Friday before the Statistical Commission session. The seminar is meant to provide a discussion forum for statistical managers to share experiences on new approaches in the way national statistical offices and international agencies disseminate their data to users and engage actively in communication with them.’
See the presentations here

Best of TED: Hans Rosling – now in Wired

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By Kim Zetter EmailFebruary 03, 2009 | 5:52:12 PMCategories: TED Conference
Hans Rosling is probably the only academic who ends his PowerPoint presentation by swallowing a sword. And he does this while wearing a muscle-T bedazzled with lightning bolts made from shiny, gold sequins.
Rosling is probably also the only academic who can make dry staTed_logo_3tistics dance like musical theater stars while revealing startling facts about the world and debunking preconceptions. Think the developing world is less developed than the western world? Rosling will make you think again and make you laugh while doing so.

Test TheFactLab – first statistics mashup?

Welcome to the BETA test of It was presented by Peter Andersson, Omnistat, at the OECD conference about turning statistics into knowledge in Stockholm recently. It might be the first example of a mashup in statistics.

Please try and help Omnistat to make this site the best. The site for everyone thirsting for knowledge, who want to know how it really is. We look in to a future where quality secured fact and statistics is both funny and easy to use when you want to learn about the world around you. For all facts you have the source and the definition, and every variable is linked to a encyclopaedia to give you a detailed explanation. Also every country is linked to a map to give you a geographic over view. Here You get new perspective on the truth.
fact online and just in time for the Session of the United Nations Statistical Commission

New: The evaluation period is over and can now be accessed without password protection. Have a look and give your comments!

UN Data

This new release comes just in time for the the thirty-ninth session of the United Nations Statistical Commission to be held from 26 to 29 February 2008. See the United Nations Statistics Division Website.

Two interesting documents concerning dissemination and metadate are presented at this session:

Document 12
Report of the Secretary-General on collection and dissemination of statistics by the United Nations Statistics Division E/CN.3/2008/12

Document 13
Report of an initiative to foster open standards for the exchange and sharing of data and metadata E/CN.3/2008/13