Documentary on Hans Rosling available on-line (now full version)

The TV documentary Rosling’s World is now posted on the website of the Swedish Public Service Television (SVT) website, with English subtitles.

The documentary, by the journalist Pär Fjällström, follows Hans Rosling preparing his lecture at the 2009 TED conference. The one hour documentary, which has aired several times on Swedish television will be available at for 30 days (until September 17).

Follow Hans Rosling on Twitter

You can now follow Hans Rosling on Twitter. On his Twitter page you can read his “tweets” about interesting facts and graphics and, if you have a Twitter account of your own, become a follower.

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“Rosling’s World: The best statistics you’ve ever seen” (from Swedish Television)

Aviary psspy-se Picture 1

Hans Rosling in action. Foto:

Rosling’s World: The best statistics you’ve ever seen

Hans Rosling is a professor in international health, who has made an unlikely global success. His presentations on global development evokes laughter, rejoice and reflections. People with power, like Al Gore or Bill Clinton, ask for his advice. He wants everyone to question their prejudices about the world – as he himself has needed to do. A documentary by Pär Fjällström, SVT.

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Spezify: Search Engine for Visualized Statistics?

Stockholm-based startup Spezify is a visual search engine that impresses with relevant results displayed in a visual but still functional way.

Founded by Felix af Ekenstam and Per Persson, digital creatives who have over 10 years of experience in the space, Spezify arrived in beta in April and launched officially about six weeks ago. Results are culled from a number of search APIs and include social and multimedia content presented as a mosaic of the “big picture” for any search terms. More….

Aviary spezify-com Picture 2 or try with the name of your statistical agency.

OECD eXplorer on the BBC News

NCVA’s OECD eXplorer on the BBC News (direct link to NEWS SITE for National Center for Visual Analytics, NCVA, at the University of Linköping, Sweden)

OECD eXplorer on BBC News

On July 2nd BBC News showed a 3 minutes long program demonstrating OECD eXplorer in live action to explore and visualize complex regional statistical world data – a geovisual analytics technique developed by NCVA.

Direct link to the video and to the BBC site:, where also Gapminder is pointed out.

See also links to all eXplorer applications here including the new ones for Eurostat and Statistics Sweden.

OECD launches new OECD eXplorer: web-tool for analysing regional statistics


23/03/09 Today the OECD is proud to launch a completely updated version of OECD eXplorer – the  interactive graphical tool to analyze OECD regional statistics.OECD eXplorer is a leading edge tool for exploring and analysing regional statistics, using a very interactive interface that combines maps with other visual presentations for selecting the groups of regions of interest to the user. This new version:

• presents the full set of OECD regional statistics with interactive maps;• offers the possibility to explore trends over time (time animation);

• allows to view the structure of regional economies through a scatterplot and a parallel coordinate panel;• provides novel functions for presenting stories about the statistics embedded with interactive visualization;

• features the possibility to load and explore your own data, write your own stories and share them with others;

• and more… 

• Try out OECD eXplorer

The development of OECD eXplorer is the result of a fruitful cooperation between OECD and the National Centre for Visual Analytics (NCVA, at Linköping University, Sweden. In October 2008, Professor Mikael Jern from NCVA made available a preliminary version of OECD eXplorer on the OECD website. Since then, NCVA has worked intensively on improving the tool and this new version has been greatly enhanced to meet demands expressed by data users.


Best of TED: Hans Rosling – now in Wired

Published in Wired Blog Network:
By Kim Zetter EmailFebruary 03, 2009 | 5:52:12 PMCategories: TED Conference
Hans Rosling is probably the only academic who ends his PowerPoint presentation by swallowing a sword. And he does this while wearing a muscle-T bedazzled with lightning bolts made from shiny, gold sequins.
Rosling is probably also the only academic who can make dry staTed_logo_3tistics dance like musical theater stars while revealing startling facts about the world and debunking preconceptions. Think the developing world is less developed than the western world? Rosling will make you think again and make you laugh while doing so.

QlikTech Wins Prestigious Audemars Piguet “Changing Times” Award

Swiss watchmaker recognizes QlikTech as a “world leader in new generation Business Intelligence applications”

Gland, Switzerland – November 20, 2008 – QlikTech, the world’s fastest-growing Business Intelligence (BI) software company, today announced that it has won the Audemars Piguet “Changing Times Award.” CEO Lars Björk accepted the prize today in Gland, Switzerland. “Changing Times” is granted by Audemars Piguet, in conjunction with the European Tech Tour, a trade association for young technology companies.

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Perhaps something for future official statistics? Se example below:


There are some comments at YouTube how simple it is to create applications with this software. 

Test TheFactLab – first statistics mashup?

Welcome to the BETA test of It was presented by Peter Andersson, Omnistat, at the OECD conference about turning statistics into knowledge in Stockholm recently. It might be the first example of a mashup in statistics.

Please try and help Omnistat to make this site the best. The site for everyone thirsting for knowledge, who want to know how it really is. We look in to a future where quality secured fact and statistics is both funny and easy to use when you want to learn about the world around you. For all facts you have the source and the definition, and every variable is linked to a encyclopaedia to give you a detailed explanation. Also every country is linked to a map to give you a geographic over view. Here You get new perspective on the truth.

OECD eXplorer: New tool for analysing the OECD Regional Database!

OECD eXplorer is a leading edge tool for exploring and analysing regional statistics using a very interactive interface for the presentation of the regional differences and structures of OECD member countries. It combines maps with other visual presentations, using powerful mechanisms for selecting the groups of regions of interest to the user.

The development of OECD eXplorer is the result of a fruitful cooperation between OECD and the National Centre for Visual Analytics (NCVA, at Linköping University, Sweden. In the seminar on generating knowledge from statistics, organised by Statistics Sweden and OECD in Stockholm in May 2008, Professor Mikael Jern from NCVA presented a first version with selected OECD statistics. Since then, the development team at NCVA has worked intensively on improving the tool and adapting it to the needs of the OECD.

Find out more on Regional Statistics and Indicators