Statistics Sweden social media contribution to Eurostat “Sponsorship on Communication”

The blog  is an example on how to extract and visualise Eurostat statistics. It is a Statistics Sweden prototype within the Eurostat project called “Sponsorship on Communication”. The project is initiated by the Spanish NSI during their present EU chairmanship. All member countries have been invited to contribute.

The idea from Statistics Sweden is to focus on Sweden in the European statistical context in a blog based on publishing from Eurostat, e.g. Statistics in Focus and other European data . Information and data connects to social media functionality. It can be RSS flows based on regular Eurostat and Statistics Sweden publishing and on blog and Twitter searches. Any other country within EU can apply the approach to their own country from this framework.

The search functions are from Google. The information flow in the blog list is constructed from Google Blogger widgets. New ones can be added and obsolete ones can  easily be replaced. They automatically update the flow of  information once they are defined.

In the module “Latest Search Results about Eurostat and Sweden”  pre-defined search terms are presenting results directed to different  media like images, videos, news, blogs, updates, books and discussions. They can also be categorised in time, geography and related to different search terms.

By enter key words at  “Search this blog” extended alternatives are presented to widen the scope of search to sites linked from the blog, the blog list, Statistics Sweden and Eurostat publishing and finally the whole web. So universal search is combined with more narrowly defined search destinations depending on how the blog is organised.

There is also news roll displaying information from different news media continuously through a widget. Also this information is updated automatically and search words can be changed or extended.

The scope and functionality will be tested and developed. It has been presented to journalists and media so far. We have recently included also an example of interactive publishing including statistical story telling through Vislets, developed by Professor Mikael Jern, NCVA, Linköping University, Sweden. Click on picture below for only this entry or on Sweden in Eurostat for the entire blog.

Statistics Denmark joins NCVA as a new partner

NEWS SITE for National Center for Visual Analytics November 2009

Director Lars Thygesen, one of the initiator to the OECD eXplorer project that was the first successful Flash implementation of eXplorer in the fall of 2008, now returns to the NCVA board representing Statistics Denmark. Lars will become a valuable resource with his long experience in statistics and eXplorer technology.

eXplorer and Booklets for tell-a-story over the Internet

Aviary docs-google-com Picture 1NCVA (National Center for Visual Analysis) at Linköping University develops dynamic visualization publishing – a  “statistical-story-telling” approach based on dynamic visualization “booklets” that are embedded into Web pages as HTML code. NCVA collaborates with its partners OECD, Eurostat, Statistics Denmark, Statistics Sweden and the city of Göteborg.

The software used is eXplorer, already used by e.g. OECD as “OECD eXplorer” and by Statistics Sweden as “SCB eXplorer“,  to animate visualization of statistics at different geographical regional levels. Also the City of Linköping has made small-area statistics available in eXplorer.

The eXplorer software is made available now also in a format of “booklets” to facilitate use in regular official publishing and in commission work based on different international, national , regional and local (small-area statistics)  databases.


Documentary on Hans Rosling available on-line (now full version)

The TV documentary Rosling’s World is now posted on the website of the Swedish Public Service Television (SVT) website, with English subtitles.

The documentary, by the journalist Pär Fjällström, follows Hans Rosling preparing his lecture at the 2009 TED conference. The one hour documentary, which has aired several times on Swedish television will be available at for 30 days (until September 17).

Follow Hans Rosling on Twitter

You can now follow Hans Rosling on Twitter. On his Twitter page you can read his “tweets” about interesting facts and graphics and, if you have a Twitter account of your own, become a follower.

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“Rosling’s World: The best statistics you’ve ever seen” (from Swedish Television)

Aviary psspy-se Picture 1

Hans Rosling in action. Foto:

Rosling’s World: The best statistics you’ve ever seen

Hans Rosling is a professor in international health, who has made an unlikely global success. His presentations on global development evokes laughter, rejoice and reflections. People with power, like Al Gore or Bill Clinton, ask for his advice. He wants everyone to question their prejudices about the world – as he himself has needed to do. A documentary by Pär Fjällström, SVT.

Read more…

Spezify: Search Engine for Visualized Statistics?

Stockholm-based startup Spezify is a visual search engine that impresses with relevant results displayed in a visual but still functional way.

Founded by Felix af Ekenstam and Per Persson, digital creatives who have over 10 years of experience in the space, Spezify arrived in beta in April and launched officially about six weeks ago. Results are culled from a number of search APIs and include social and multimedia content presented as a mosaic of the “big picture” for any search terms. More….

Aviary spezify-com Picture 2 or try with the name of your statistical agency.