“Tourist Maps” of statistics on Slovenia

In Slovenia we’ve recently published the Interactive Statistical Atlas of Slovenia – an online tool for presenting statistical data on maps. It was basically developed for “tourists” (less experienced users), to help them view regional statistical data in a clear and easily understood way.

Demo: Population ageing in Slovenia

You can enter the application from the entry page.

The application was developed in cooperation with Monolit and Mapping Worlds. From the project leader point of view I can say the most challenging task was to keep it simple. That said, I’d like to thank Mapping Worlds for their fruitful cooperation and willingness to share their experiences and knowledge.

We are quite happy with the first version of the product and there are already plans how to improve its content and features. Last but not least, we’ve already received some positive feedback from Slovene bloggers, here my favourite one is translated from Slovenian:

Blog entry about the Atlas (translated from Slovenian)
Blog entry about the Atlas (translated from Slovenian)



Statistics – a personal approach (1)

Statistical information is so close to everyday life and – at the same time – often so far from our personal experience. It’s all about averages, medians … .

Attempts to bridge this gap exist.

Inflation is one prominent example. Several National Statistical Offices have developped inflation calculators giving users a tool to adapt data to specific personal situations and to give better insight in the methods (see the explanations introducing the calculators).

DESTATIS’ personal inflation calculator (using SVG)

This calculator has been adapted to other countries. So by ONS (UK) or INSEE (France)

ONS Personal Inflation Calculator PIC


INSEE Simuler un indice des prix personnalisé

There is also a Slovenian version and

a Dutch one in Flash (thanks Katja!)


Statistics Switzerland has developed another flavour of such a calculator