Open Government Data Benchmark: FR, UK, USA

Finally there’s a very interesting comparison of OGD in three leading countries.

qunb did it . Have a look at this presentation.

1) There are lots of duplicates on OGD platforms


2) There are very few structured data yet



3) Apps are the real challenge

There are different strategies fostering the developmemt of Apps made with open data. The U.K. method seems to be one of the most productive


The presentation in French

Statistics – a personal approach (1)

Statistical information is so close to everyday life and – at the same time – often so far from our personal experience. It’s all about averages, medians … .

Attempts to bridge this gap exist.

Inflation is one prominent example. Several National Statistical Offices have developped inflation calculators giving users a tool to adapt data to specific personal situations and to give better insight in the methods (see the explanations introducing the calculators).

DESTATIS’ personal inflation calculator (using SVG)

This calculator has been adapted to other countries. So by ONS (UK) or INSEE (France)

ONS Personal Inflation Calculator PIC


INSEE Simuler un indice des prix personnalisé

There is also a Slovenian version and

a Dutch one in Flash (thanks Katja!)


Statistics Switzerland has developed another flavour of such a calculator