The Wow Factor

Not sure everybody has seen this already, but I guess the Australian Census Bureau has clearly shown that it can’t get any sexier than this with regard to the Census:

Seriously I am all for Edward Tufte but Dataviz has the Wow Factor and although this is a PR clip I am tempted to believe that real people were indeed flushed with excitement when looking at these projections.

And for all the the sceptical people out there, have a look at the Census Explorer to interactively compare data from the 2011 Australian Census.

I am envious.

Official Statistics: Identify Common Challenges

In his Blog Director Groves of the US Census Bureau informs about an important discussion among his colleagues (thanks Xavier for this hint):

‘Several weeks ago, at the initiative of Brian Pink, the Australian statistician, leaders of the government statistical agencies from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States held a summit meeting to identify common challenges and share information about current initiatives. ..

… They perceive the same likely future challenges for central government statistical agencies, and they are making similar organizational changes to prepare for the future. …

Ingredients of the future vision:

  1. The volume of data generated outside the government statistical systems is increasing much faster than the volume of data collected by the statistical systems; almost all of these data are digitized in electronic files.
  2. As this occurs, the leaders expect that relative cost, timeliness, and effectiveness of traditional survey and census approaches of the agencies may become less attractive.
  3. Blending together multiple available data sources (administrative and other records) with traditional surveys and censuses (using paper, internet, telephone, face-to-face interviewing) to create high quality, timely statistics that tell a coherent story of economic, social and environmental progress must become a major focus of central government statistical agencies.
  4. This requires efficient record linkage capabilities, the building of master universe frames that act as core infrastructure to the blending of data sources, and the use of modern statistical modeling to combine data sources with highest accuracy.
  5. Agencies will need to develop the analytical and communication capabilities to distill insights from more integrated views of the world and impart a stronger systems view across government and private sector information.
  6. There are growing demands from researchers and policy-related organizations to analyze the micro-data collected by the agencies, to extract more information from the data.

… In short, the five countries are actively inventing a future unlike the past, requiring new ways of thinking and calling for new skills.  The payoff sought is timelier, more trustworthy, and lower cost statistical information measuring new components of the society, economy, and environment, telling a richer story of our countries’ progress. ‘

Read the full blog post here:

Census spotlight

spotlight.abs – another highlight in interactive visualising data.

‘Shine some light, and see what kind of a story Australian Census data can tell you about you.’  This is the objective of this interactive app (in Flash) of the Australian Bureau of Statistics ABS.

It is waiting for our input and calculates a personalised (data protected, for sure) output.

Where are the numbers taken from? Mostly from the Census -;)

BetaWorks from Australian Bureau of Statistics

Julia, thanks for the link in your comment of the previous post. I hope you do not mind I display your site in this way as well!/Best regards Alf
BetaWorks Icon

What is ABS BetaWorks?

ABS βetaWorks is a development environment for new designs and concepts for the ABS website. βetaworks allows ABS Designers to showcase what we’re working on and find out what you think. Using your insights and ideas, we can continue to improve the ABS website experience for all.

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We want your ideas!

How would you improve the ABS website? Share your ideas and help us to learn more about how we can make the ABS website better for you. Read more…

Blogging and Being Blogged

To write blogs or blog posts is one side of the reality. The other one is being  blogged. Out there in the blogosphere, the universe of blogs and bloggers, there are people writing about your activities or about your institution.

Specialised search engines like technorati or Google Blog Search (see also: blogsearch) help to get knowledge of such blogs. Some Statistical Offices observe the blogosphere, so for example the Australian Bureau of Statistics ABS using Google Blog Search.

What’s the best way of  reacting when being blogged? A short and instructive scheme shows a way: The Blog Assessment or,  in official terms ;),  the “Web Posting Response Assessment” of the US Air Force. Here it is (thanks to Jürg Stuker,  namics Weblog for this hint).

Blog Assessment
Blog Assessment

CDATA online

October 27th 2008: ABS’ new interactive data tool is online.

2006 CDATA Online is an online tool which combines information on Australian society from the 2006 Census, with web graphing and mapping capability.

ABS’ new interactive tabulation tool has been developed jointly developed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and Space-Time Research.

Access is free!

Didactics: Statistical Language!

Some days ago the Australian Bureau of Statistics ABS has published an e-Magazine about important statistical terms: Statistical language! This is an “educational resource designed to improve the reader’s understanding of some fundamental statistical concepts”.

Statistical Concepts explained

There are not only definitions but also precious explanations about how to calculate and about benefits and downfalls related to these concepts.

Statistically Speaking – ABS Blog for Librarians

Marketing Statistics is a lot about good segmenting the public to reach. Librarians are a very important group as they are working as a mediator. The Australian Bureau of Statistics ABS has created a blog for this group:
ABS Blog
A blog for librarians and other like-minded information professionals featuring the latest information, news, tips and stories relating to the Australian Bureau of Statistics”.
And here I found the interesting links to Statistical Literacy presented in this blog post.