Aerial Views

Depict reality with photograps has a long tradition: On Wikimedia Commons the Swiss National Library published a series of old and stunning aerial photographs made by the pioneer of ballooning Eduard Spelterini (June 2, 1852 – June 16, 1931).




Matterhorn, January 1 1910

CH-NB_-_Mont-Blanc-Gruppe_-_Eduard_Spelterini_-_EAD-WEHR-32070-B.tifMont Blanc, January 1 1909


CH-NB_-_Aegypten,_Totenstadt_-_Eduard_Spelterini_-_EAD-WEHR-32040-B.tifEgypt, Town of the Dead, January 1 1904


Egypt, Pyramids Gizeh, January 1 1904

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