Talking Pictures

A picture talks. ‘If a picture can say a thousand words, the combination of information and imagery could be wort several thousand’ – and this defines an infographic. True? See below.content-and-branding-large


One thought on “Talking Pictures

  1. There are many reasons why infographics are so popular.
    Firstly, Infographics makes it easy to share any kind of complex information, numbers or data to share in a visual and clearer way. Secondly, infographics are easily scanned and can be made viral using social media sites such as Facebook, pinterest. Info graphics helps companies to gain brand awareness in short span of time as compared to a text or complex numbers.
    There are lots of free software’s available in market that are free to use and can be used to create meticulous infographics. With the growing popularity of visual content and availability of so many open source softwares, info graphics are going to play in vital role in any company or brand success.

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