The Wow Factor

Not sure everybody has seen this already, but I guess the Australian Census Bureau has clearly shown that it can’t get any sexier than this with regard to the Census:

Seriously I am all for Edward Tufte but Dataviz has the Wow Factor and although this is a PR clip I am tempted to believe that real people were indeed flushed with excitement when looking at these projections.

And for all the the sceptical people out there, have a look at the Census Explorer to interactively compare data from the 2011 Australian Census.

I am envious.

2 thoughts on “The Wow Factor

  1. And here are links to the data visualisation specialists from Sydney: that are behind this presentation.

    ‘We worked with SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) to visualise the statistics behind people who speak 579 different languages in 9,138 locations around Australia.’ –>

    ‘Now that the SBS Census Explorer has been released, we thought it might be a fun idea to talk about our development process, the technologies involved, and challenges we faced along the way.’ –>….

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