Beautiful: open data combined with graphic skills!

Let’s compare countries with the means of an interactive spider graph:

Made by http://www.anthonyveyssiere.com/

And here’s another interactive spider, based on UN data, and with a timeline integrated:

worldshapin helps to study the interdependence of Health, Carbon footprint, Workplace equality, Living standard, Population and Education across the world through the last three decades. It also compares countries with the world, continents and other countries on the mentioned indicators, helping to understand how these factors accelerate or decelerate a country and the world in accordance with the time. … worldshapin is a tool to visualize the interplay between sustainability and human development. It forms a unique picture of the world through shapes which are easy to understand and interesting and unique to look at.’

worldshapin is an ongoing project in data visualization by carlo zapponi(concept, design and coding) and vasundhara parakh (design and visual).

Found in http://owni.fr/tag/data-en-forme/ Awesome site presenting periodically interesting visualisations.