Mobile is not the future. It’s now.

Mobile access to the internet is growing at a tremendous speed. That’s a real challenge for information providers.

What tell us statistics about mobile use? An efficient interactive infornation offer and a quite interesting way of chart building provides

Our Mobile Planet


3 thoughts on “Mobile is not the future. It’s now.”

  1. I agree this is a real challenge for information providers, particularly for statistical information providers because their exchange standards are heavy XML-based standards not best suited for mobile applications.

    That’s why, with mobile devices in mind but also other use cases, it makes sense, IMHO, to try to define a light schema for statistical data and metadata exchange in the JSON format, or at least agree on some guidelines and good practices.

    This is actually the goal of:

  2. Their are about 5 billion cell phone users in the world, more than half of them have smartphones which has internet connection facilities. So yes, as you said, it is not the future, but its now!

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