RSS aka twitter

In their using twitter as a social media Statistical Institutes are in good company.

A new study asks what role twitter plays for news organisations and says:  …. that 13 major news organizations ‘use Twitter in limited ways-primarily as an added means to disseminate their own material. Both the sharing of outside content and engagement with followers are rare. The news content posted, moreover, matches closely the news events given priority on the news organizations’ legacy platforms.’

‘For nearly every news organization, Twitter has become a regular part of the daily news outreach. But there are questions about how those organizations actually use the technology: How often do they tweet? What kind of news do they distribute? To what extent is Twitter used as a new reporting tool or as a mechanism for gathering insights from followers?’

Nieman Journalism Lab (Megan Garber) summarizes:

‘As much as we tout Twitter for its conversational abilities — for its revolutionary capacity to create discursive, rather than simply distributive, relationships with news consumers — many major news organizations are still using the service as, pretty much, a vehicle for self-promotion. ……Twitter functions as an RSS feed or headline service for news consumers, with links ideally driving traffic to the organization’s website.’ … ‘As a microscopic — and, also, telescopic — look into news outlets’ practices, the study’s findings offer a pretty strong counterargument to the assumption that social media in general, and Twitter in particular, are ushering in a golden age of audience engagement, democratic discourse, etc., etc.’

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