Open data: Waiting ….

UK and US governments support open data … not only in their own countries. In an official letter they ask OECD to join this movement.

‘On behalf of US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and UK Foreign Secretary William Hague, the heads of the two countries’ missions to the OECD delivered a letter this week to the Organisation’s Secretary General, Angel Gurría. In it, Mrs Clinton and Mr Hague called on the OECD to commit to the principles of the Open Government Partnership, and make all of its core data freely available online. ‘


Awaiting an answer ……..



in Warsaw there was held the OGDcamp 2011.
Waiting for the keynotes posted …



An instructive introduction to Open data.


And …

a key message

from Vincenzo Patrunos presentation at ISTAT for the Italian Statistics Day (yes! October 20th !!) where were discussed about Open Data and Open Government  during the workshop “Open Official Statistical Data”.

The same from his presentation at IMAODBC 2011. Have a look at it.

Waiting for the paper …. -;)



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