IMAODBC 2011: And the winner is …

The Bo Sundgren Award of the International Marketing and Output Database Conference IMAODBC 2011 in Obidos Portugal goes to Xavier Badosa from the  Statistical Institute of  Catalonia Idescat.

In his contribution Xavier presented a change of focus or even of paradigm in disseminating official statistics. This gives an interesting insight in developments some offices (like i.e. idescat) have already made or are about to discuss:

His presentation is on slideshare

A short abstract in 4 points

1) The mission

Not (only) dedicated statistical articles or products but a (open-) data  infrastructure.

2) The market

The data infrastructure as THE statistical reference of a country.

3) The offer

A platform which provides access to data for reuse in a new way elsewhere (a hat for everyone). As Open Data under Creative Commons licence BY.

4) The operationalisation

APIs and


In the end the website of Idescat uses its own platform to present a mashup of data. This platform provides malleable data but not explaining texts in the sense of storytelling. This will be a next challenge.

Congratulations to @badosa for his awesome presentation – not only concerning content but also aesthetics!

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