Human Development Indicators in a Toolbox

International Human Development Indicators – UNDP provides a toolbox with third-party tools like Google Public Data Explorer or statplanet. It’s a good example of how official sites collaborate with partners.

A lot of interactivity is built in. Choosing countries out of the database gives an instant visual representation:

Not only data and visualizations are interactive, there’s an integrated help tool, too:

As far as I can see this site has been developed for the 20th Anniversary edition of the Human Development Report by interactive things, a company with many creative works in the field of data visualization.

One thought on “Human Development Indicators in a Toolbox

  1. Hello Armin,

    I wanted to clarify that, although we were commissioned with the design work on both the website and the statistical applications, our designs for the latter never got implemented. The designs of the applications are courtesy of their respective developers (i.e. Google and StatPlanet).

    It was nice to meet you at the conference and I hope we’ll see each other again some time!


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