How valuable is a virtual statistical system?

A new website developed by the World Bank and partners offers a virtual look at the complexities of statistical systems. The Virtual Statistical System (VSS) ( aims to “provide well structured access to relevant statistical information for developing countries and other interested parties“.

The VSS presents detailed information by theme and activity as well as e-learning opportunities. Users are encouraged to register and contribute via wikis and discussion groups.

Take a look at this new resource and share your views. Is this a valuable tool? How do you think it should be maintained and improved?


2 thoughts on “How valuable is a virtual statistical system?

  1. Thank you very much for pointing at this website. Being the initiator and manager of this website I want to invite all the readers of this blog to have a look at the Virtual Statistical System (VSS) and to share your views about what is on this system on the VSS site. This can be done by leaving a comment. But also by using the Wiki function, to introduce and share information yourself, and the discussion groups, for instance when you want to start a blog. In am particulary interested in your views on the 200 eLearning lessons on 10 selected topics. These lessons are provided in different forms. There are the 20 fully animated lessons on the management of statistical systems with animations and voice-overs, the 40 power point series with voice-over and the stand alone power point series. Please react on the content, but also on this way of delivering knowledge about official statistics to interested parties.

    Question: can you to put a link to the VSS on your blog site?

    Many thanks in advance.

    Ronald Luttikhuizen, World Bank

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