NComVA: Enable anyone to easily create and share interactive statistics news through our recognized Publishing tools

Statistics eXplorer help you discover patterns and insight to provide the basis for better understanding and decisions with the same tools and methodologies that today are used by our customers OECD, Eurostat, World Bank and many national and regional statistics bureaus. Passing on knowledge from your analysis and storytelling through our Publisher Statistics to your website or blog using a Flash based dynamic visualization. Statistics Explorer represents a unique and elegant layout where the visualization is in focus and user interfaces reside invisible in the background. An effective combination of time-linked views can simultaneously analyze and visualize data and help you make the right decision when you need to know more about national or regional statistics.
Customizable (Open) Statistics eXplorer is the generic version of Statistics eXplorer for customizing statistics visualization applications for any regions and their related indicators. Our standard products World eXplorer (nations), Europe eXplorer (NUTS2 and NUTS3) and Sweden eXplorer (counties and municipalities) integrate data from official databases (World Bank, Eurostat, Statistics Sweden, SKL, etc.) with your own indicators and let you, for example, compare your regions of interest with others.

2 thoughts on “NComVA: Enable anyone to easily create and share interactive statistics news through our recognized Publishing tools

  1. I wonder what is your pricing policy for using this powerful tool by national statistical institutes because when I read the information about Open Statistics eXplorer it all sounds like an advertisement for a commercial product.

    I believe that OECD received the first eXplorer for free, but maybe I am wrong.

    Could you send me some information on how to start using the Statistics eXplorer by a national statistical institute, please?

  2. “Open Statistics eXplorer is a special version for academic research
    institutes only. This academic version was first introduced by my research
    center at NCVA (National Center for Visual Analytics
    at Linkoping University. The university can, however, not guarantee or
    satisfy long term support and updates required by national statistics
    bureaus that today are using Statistics eXplorer on their public servers.
    Also University funding has a time limit and this year NCVA will focus on
    other research topics in Geovisual Analytics. NComVA is a spin-off company
    from NCVA established in May 2010 to guarantee that our statistics
    visualization technology can survive and be further developed and most
    important supported by the creators behind Statistics eXplorer and
    Publisher. NComVA is already developing the next generation Statistics
    eXplorer V4 with support for database interfaces such as SDMX, PC-AXIS, API
    to Worldbank, etc.
    We are today working close with several other national statistical bureaus
    such as for the Nordic countries including Statistics Denmark, Sweden (SCB),
    Statistics Finland and ISTAT Italy. We are also the supplier of dynamic
    statistics visualization to OECD as you mentioned in the blog.
    Prof. Mikael Jern NComVA”

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