Lost in Social Media

There are lots of applications offering the possibility to publish our personal impressions and meanings to friends and to the general public. And there are lots of companies behind it trying to get tons of subscribers and gaining money from advertisers.

Look at this overview …


or this one of twitter alone …


… and you will be lost.

What to use with which effects? Use one or many? Publish some text  in WordPress or in twitter, upload some commented pictures in flickr or Picasa and transfer (feed) all this automatically to facebook and Google Buzz … or the other way round or …??

There are other companies built on this question, a whole new industry has emerged. Which one to choose (if any) to help us reaching which objectives with social media? And do we really need social media?

A lot of fascinating questions! Fortunately the year has just begun to find the appropriate answer -;)

For the moment I personally prefer a blog (this one) and I love twitter (because there are no ads … not yet).




Some more links:




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