What is Data Visualisation?

The answer is given visually by FFunction:

What is Data Visualisation?

FFunction is a Montréal-based company specializing in user interfaces and data visualization.

In an interview with ReadWrite FF Function gives a short description of what data visualisation should do. It reminds us a lot of the long discussions in official statistics:

‘Visualization should reveal hidden patterns and trends within the data. It should explore a topic, help make a discovery or tell a story. Whatever the goal, you have to turn the data into information that people can understand.’

And these are the elements of the graph:

  • Fields: Design, Communication, Information and their mix: Visual Communication, Data journalism, User Interface
  • Raw elements: Look & Feel, Idea, Data
  • Disciplines: Journalism, Information Architecture, Typography
  • Process elements: Visual Design, Objective, Dataset
  • Outputs: Layout, Story, Report, Data Analysis, Dashboard, Interface
  • Final result: Form, Concept, Knowledge
  • Core competencies: Readability, Logic, Usability
  • Core values: Simplicity, Informativeness, Relevance.

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