Aggregating statistical news with twitter

More and more statistical agencies are using twitter to spread their news. It’s quite simple:  Opening a twitter account and populating it via the RSS-feeds the agency already offers.  Several tools like twitterfeed, hootsuite or Google’s feedburner help to do this.  Here the Slovenian example (using twitterfeed).

Make a list

But how to get an overview of the many twitter accounts you are interested in? You can follow their twitter in your own account (and only you see these) or you can populate your or another twitter account with all the RSS feeds of the many agencies.
But there’s an even better solution. Twitter offers a good tool: lists. Put together all the twitters you like in a list and you will find the news in one place.

An example: I put (surely not) all twitter offers of statistical agencies into the list ‘stats-all‘  .

Here it is:

Embed the list

The advantage of a list: It can be embedded in a third-party website using the twitter widget service . And there it is updated continually.

See this example:

And this example, embedding the list in another aggregator like netvibes ;).

Netvibes. International Statistics. Experimental.

Create a magazine

And that’s not all: With such a list you may create a Statistical Magazine on the iPad without any further programming using one of the great free apps, so i.e. flipboard.
Add this list to flipboard and it’s done. flipboard shows more than two or three lines (like twitter) and allows a first insight into the twitter update.

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