‘This is the Time to Invest in Statistics’

Washington, at the World Bank, 21st of May 2010:  Beth Noveck (author of Wiki Government: How Technology Can Make Government Better, Democracy Stronger, and Citizens More Powerful, Amazon)  and Hans Rosling (Gapminder, Trendalyzer) present their activities and ideas. Fascinating.

Hans Roslings’ ‘Mindest upgrade for a multipolar World’ starts at minute 23.

Two remarkable statements of Hans Rosling:

  1. On the basis of all the well done visualisations with free and open data is the experience of the Statisticians. Listen to  Hans Rosling (minute 30.58 ff) why this is the time to invest in statistics and why it’s important to cherish the experience we have in statistics.
  2. Free data will lead to a lot of rubbish, a lot of mistakes will be done. And it’s only one way we can meet that: enabling the data producing units to have a good webpage because a good webpage is the place to check the data and it corresponds to the watermark on the banknote (listen minute 1.06.06 ff)

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