3 Interactive Atlases

Three interactive Statistical Atlases covering three topics (Europe, Switzerland and Swiss Elections and Votations) are now available on Swiss Statistics’ Webportal.
Thanks to a Cartographic Content Management System production and updating of these high-quality atlases have become easy and rapid.
Stat@las Europa 2010 offers detailed information on European Regional Statistics.
Stat@las Europe integrates regional statistical data for Switzerland and other European countries – from the regional level NUTS 2 up to country level NUTS 0 (NUTS = Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics) of the European statistical system. This allows to analyse across country borders a wide variety of geographical processes and interrelationships in both figures and maps. Furthermore, differences within individual countries, including those in Switzerland, can be displayed in a clear, graphical form.
With more than 450 thematic maps Stat@las Switzerland
gives an overview over dozens of topics and enables users to compare regional units.down to communes. Available in German and French.
gives all results of the votations and elections in Switzerland since 1991 (cantons, districts and communes). All data are updated yearly.  Available in German and French.

2 thoughts on “3 Interactive Atlases

  1. These are indeed impressive. I especially like the display of absolute and relative numbers, which isn’t that common with election data, but probably important in the Swiss case where voter turnout might be an importarnt variable. Also the popout window makes use of the full screen which isn’t yet the norm even with vector graphics but beautiful to watch on a 24″ screen.

    Could you elaborate a bit further on the “Cartographic Content Management System”, is that an inhouse development or does it use commercially available tools? Also it won’t come as a surprise given my reservations against Flash as a technology, has there ever been some discussion on viable alternatives? Do you see an impact that users initially hit the site with Flash blockers?

    1. Hi Michael
      The CMS is a specific development we made and supports production of maps, of diagrams, of whole atlases and of automated print reports (prestructured with text, maps, diagrams and tables) out of a database.
      Discussions about alternatives to flash (iPad ante portas) didn’t come to a decision.

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