How to use Google Public Data Explorer

How can I import data?
If you are interested in participating in this experiment, please tell us about your data.
How does this relate to the Google public data search feature?
We have also integrated charts on some public statistics into Google search to show better results for related queries (more info here). This Labs feature uses the same line chart visualization. We are planning to make more data searchable and will continue to improve the public data search feature.
How does this relate to Trendalyzer?
The Google Public Data tool in Labs uses some of the Trendalyzer technology also used in the Motion Chart gadget available in the Google Visualization API and Google Docs. Google acquired the technology from the Gapminder Foundation in March 2007. To learn more, see this blog post.
Why do I sometimes get an empty chart or map?
Datasets sometimes have missing numbers for specific combinations and comparisons, and in some cases, the tool may let you pick a combination of options that results in an empty chart. This feature is an experiment, and we plan to improve the experience in the future.
What does the Last Updated date for a data set mean?
That is the date when we imported the data set into our system. This is not the date when the data was collected or published.
Why is the map visualization sometimes not available?
Some data cannot be seen on a map because it is not broken down by geographies. In other cases, the data set may not contain latitudes and longitudes required to visualize it on a map.
Can I download the data?
Not right now, though we are investigating features that will enable users to export the data. In the meantime, in most cases, you should be able to follow the links to data provider websites and download the data there.
I think I found a mistake in the data. Who should I contact?
Google publishes content from third parties. Please follow the link to the data provider and let them know about your findings.
I think I found a bug in the tool. Who should I contact?
Please go to our discussion group and explain your problem to us. It will help us a lot if you include the link to the view where you encountered the problem. We want your feedback!
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