An even better population pyramid

Today Statistics Germany published their latest population projection until the year 2060. Together with this data the animated population pyramid was updated as well.

Most notable is a new layout that will put the assumptions right beside the pyramid and will let you switch between four different scenarios for the future (different assumptions for: fertility, life-expectancy, net-migration).

Thanks to the SVG Web library it will work in any browser and takes full advantages of open web standards, namely Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Watch a short screencast to see all of the functionality.

Then check it out for yourself, it’s available in english, french, german and russian at
Internet Explorer will need the Flash plugin to make this happen, all other browsers don’t.

Postscriptum: It seems, ONS published similar data today with a different approach in visualizing. Check it out, compare and please comment.

5 thoughts on “An even better population pyramid

  1. Great job, congratulations! I’m not sure whether you compete or cooperate with ONS, but in any case you both drive the progress in the “pyramid world”.

    I think it’s the first time for me to see population projection assumptions so clearly presented and easy to understand.
    At the first glance the only feature I miss in your version is the time slider to be able to jump between years back and forth. But for a thorough comparison with the ONS versions (both age structure presentation and the projections comparison you already mentioned) we all need some more time 🙂

  2. Hey Katja,

    We are definitely friends, not competitors!

    I think the new destatis pyramid is great, a good advert for svgweb and open standards. If get people thinking about the data rather than the graphic, then mission accomplished!


  3. Ich merke jetzt in diesem Moment dass ich diese Seite deutlich häufiger besuchen sollte 😉 – da kommt der Leser wirklich auf krasse Ideen

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