eXplorer and Booklets for tell-a-story over the Internet

Aviary docs-google-com Picture 1NCVA (National Center for Visual Analysis) at Linköping University develops dynamic visualization publishing – a  “statistical-story-telling” approach based on dynamic visualization “booklets” that are embedded into Web pages as HTML code. NCVA collaborates with its partners OECD, Eurostat, Statistics Denmark, Statistics Sweden and the city of Göteborg.

The software used is eXplorer, already used by e.g. OECD as “OECD eXplorer” and by Statistics Sweden as “SCB eXplorer“,  to animate visualization of statistics at different geographical regional levels. Also the City of Linköping has made small-area statistics available in eXplorer.

The eXplorer software is made available now also in a format of “booklets” to facilitate use in regular official publishing and in commission work based on different international, national , regional and local (small-area statistics)  databases.

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