Yebol: Semantic Search Engine for Statistics?

Have a try with for example “official statistics“!

Aviary yebol-com Picture 1

More structure in results in Yebol than Google.  Only “statistics”  or other combinations like global and international give interesting variations in  patterns of results.

Yebol offers categorised search results for about 10 million search terms. Within half a year “every possible search term” is said to be included. See presentation video.

Yebol’s mission is to build human-like world’s knowledge base and provide knowledge based search (semantics) and services.

Yebol utilizes a combination of patented algorithms paired with human knowledge to build a Web directory for each query and each user.  Instead of the common “listing” of Web search queries, Yebol automatically clusters and categorizes search terms, Web sites, pages and contents.

Perhaps they will need some assistance to classify all the relevant search terms related to statistics from the international statistical community? Contact for

2 thoughts on “Yebol: Semantic Search Engine for Statistics?

  1. Hi Alf – great article! We are really looking forward to later this year when our algorithms will cover every possible search term. Then, the benefit for statistical data research will be much more powerful. Any insights anyone might be able to offer would be much appreciated!

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