2 thoughts on “Statistics Sweden (SCB) on Twitter

  1. It strikes me as interesting that for a lot of people twitter now does what RSS feeds were supposed to be for. The concept of “following someone” (be it a person in real life or an organisation’s news feed) seems to be easier to understand than subscribing to RSS feeds.
    Personally I find the separation of the different communication channels – even with separate dedicated client applications – more valuable: E-Mail for 1:1 communication, twitter for public two way communication and RSS feeds for read only information. Maybe Google Wave will fold these together in the future.

    Regarding the two way communication aspect of twitter: what do you plan to do when people are responding to your SCB news tweets (are they?), will you follow other twitter accounts with @scb_nyheter and if so which?

    1. Thank you for your interest. First I want to say that I agree with you in large parts on your definition on how the different channels are to work. When we decided to join Twitter it was with a pragmatic approach, “seeing and learning”, and then take it from there. We chose to start with this simple news feed but have been very careful to not spam others with our information. Social media is a new challenge to most companies and we will continue the work to tune our services to meet our customers’ needs.

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