Gapminder on the Diversity of Africa

Another TED video of Hans Rosling presenting data with Gapminder. This time on The Truth About HIV, in which we learn a lot about the diversity of Africa. This is where the trendalyzer shines.

And albeit the severe topic I also wanted to bring your attention to a detail of his presentation technique. Hans Rosling uses an old-style pointer instead of the laser ones we see so very often these days and his presentation makes it very clear why that is a better choice.

Hans Rosling presents using old-style pointer

You might want to subscribe to the TED videos as a podcast on iTunes. On the web however you will be able to get to the translations, e.g. the video mentioned here is already available with french and swedish subtitles.


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Making interactive graphics on the web to better understand data. Use open standards (Scalable Vector Graphics, SVG) for a better web. Helped by a degree in geography and a background in official statistics.

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