Linked Data is Blooming: Why You Should Care

From ReadWriteWeb:

Written by Richard MacManus / May 18, 2009 3:15 AM

linkeddata_bloomLast week we discussed how the current era of the Web is evolving. One of the concepts we noted was Linked Data, an idea whose time has come in 2009. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web, gave a must-view talk at the TED Conference earlier this year evangelizing Linked Data. He said that Linked Data was a sea change akin to the invention of the WWW itself. We’ve gone from a Web of documents, via the WWW, to a Web of data. Berners-Lee is now on a crusade for everyone from government departments to individuals to open up their data and put it on the Web – so that others can link to it and use it. In this post we give a high level overview of Linked Data. Read on to stop and smell the roses.

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One thought on “Linked Data is Blooming: Why You Should Care

  1. Today at Statistics Slovenia we’ve made a small step towards linking data, following the example of Australian Bureau of Statistics. On our website we’ve enabled the AddThis bookmarking feature. Maybe someone else is interested – the service is free (for now) and easy to implement. I might know more about the experiences in a few months.

    Our news release about the new feature is available at:

    And now we all wonder how many really intelligent men would put a statistical data release into their Facebook profile…

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