Wolfram Alpha is online

Some hours ago the much discussed new search engine Wofram Alpha (see blogstats post ) went online.


It gives results about statistics (first page only viewed below)


And it gives ample information about 2 slices of swiss cheese (plain, low fat etc.) 😉


It gives ample source information:


And it gives this, too:


Go to live video

One thought on “Wolfram Alpha is online

  1. Unfortunately the graphical rich output is all rendered as pixel images (graphs, formulas) “for consistency”

    which is marketing speech for “make it work in Internet Explorer” and ingnores the web of 2009.

    Especially the lack of MathML makes the output semantically very poor, and obviously a little SVG could have helped the charting a lot. At least during PDF generation, they’re using vectors for the charts.

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