Reality Checks

From June 18th to 20th 2009 Data Designed for Decisions DD4D a joint IIID and OECD conference, will take place in Paris.

What’s about? 
‘Bringing personal meaning and relevance to statistics. Sharing tools to access and understand data. Finding stories in data and communicating them. Helping people understand complex issues. Graphic representation and decision-making. Visualising progress and development.’

Important and often discussed topics in the field of official statistics! 

More about the programme, speakers and topics

An innovative project in parallel to the DD4D conference is called Reality Checks:


‘Placed at local community level Reality Check projects will observe the use, visualisation, communication and understanding of data in a particular context. The resulting case studies will provide a crosssection of solutions for data access, communication and visualisation around the world. …. ‘ People around the world can participate in gathering information on how we communicate, visualise and understand data in various contexts’. 

The case studies will be presented in the 3rd OECD Forum in Busan, Korea on 27–30 October 2009.

3rd OECD World Forum on “Charting
Progress, Building Visions, Improving Life” to be held in Busan, Korea on 27–30 October

2 thoughts on “Reality Checks

  1. Dear Sirs,

    I am working in State Statistical Office of Macedonia and I am interesting to receive the documents presented on the OECD COnference DD4D, held this June in Paris.
    Can you send me the papers via e-mail.


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