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See public data results


If you’ve ever done research involving large datasets, you know that it can take hours to comb through databases in order to find and analyze trends. Anyone who searches for U.S. unemployment rates or population numbers on will see relevant statistics and graphs included in their search results. You can even search by state or county (but not by city).

Want to give it a try? Try these example searches: [ Florida unemployment rate ], [Santa Clara county population ]. Not using Go to to try these searches.

Customize and share public data graphs

Clicking a public data result will take you to a larger interactive graph where you can compare the available data. (Having problems viewing the graph? Make sure you’re using the latest version ofFlash.)

Even people who normally shy away from statistics should find these dynamic graphs easy to use and understand. Here are a few suggestions for working with these graphs:

  • Use the checkboxes on the left to add more information to the graph. As you include additional selections, the axes and lines on the graphs may adjust and shift.checkboxes
  • Hover over a point on a line to see the point’s numerical value.hover
  • It’s always good practice to verify a given statistic. To see the source of the data for a given graph, click the link below the graph.source link
  • Once you’ve customized a graph, share it with others. Click Link in the upper-right corner of the page to create a URL which you can then paste into an email or IM.

Have other questions about using these public data graphs? Visit the Google Web Search Forum.

Data sources

The unemployment rate and population data you see in Google come from the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. Keep in mind that even the most recent public statistic is a bit old by the time it’s published, since it takes time to collect and process data.Information on accessing the original datasets

The public data can be downloaded from the following websites:

Unemployment rate

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor StatisticsUpdate schedule

All U.S.
Current population survey: Data access: Compressed zip files: bls.lneu.date200903.Z

State and county
Local area unemployment statisticsData access flat files ftp


Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Population DivisionUpdate schedule

All US
2000-2008 Estimates Data access
aggregated from state totals
1990-1999 Intercensal estimates Data access
aggregated over all counties
1980-1989 Intercensal estimates Data access

2000-2008 Estimates Data access
1990-1999 Intercensal estimates Data access
aggregated over counties by state
1980-1989 Intercensal estimates Data access

2000-2008 Estimates Data access
1990-1999 Intercensal estimates Data access
1980-1989 Intercensal estimates Data access

Want to make your public data more visible?

We are constantly looking to expand the scope of public data that people can find through Google. To learn more about making your organization’s data available through the public data feature of Google search, see our information for data

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