OECD launches new OECD eXplorer: web-tool for analysing regional statistics


23/03/09 Today the OECD is proud to launch a completely updated version of OECD eXplorer – the  interactive graphical tool to analyze OECD regional statistics.OECD eXplorer is a leading edge tool for exploring and analysing regional statistics, using a very interactive interface that combines maps with other visual presentations for selecting the groups of regions of interest to the user. This new version:

• presents the full set of OECD regional statistics with interactive maps;• offers the possibility to explore trends over time (time animation);

• allows to view the structure of regional economies through a scatterplot and a parallel coordinate panel;• provides novel functions for presenting stories about the statistics embedded with interactive visualization;

• features the possibility to load and explore your own data, write your own stories and share them with others;

• and more… 

• Try out OECD eXplorer

The development of OECD eXplorer is the result of a fruitful cooperation between OECD and the National Centre for Visual Analytics (NCVA, http://ncva.itn.liu.se/) at Linköping University, Sweden. In October 2008, Professor Mikael Jern from NCVA made available a preliminary version of OECD eXplorer on the OECD website. Since then, NCVA has worked intensively on improving the tool and this new version has been greatly enhanced to meet demands expressed by data users.


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