RIA for Statistics? And win a Chocolate Bar

Rich Internet Applications RIA bring desktop feelings to the browser: full interactivity, no more waiting until pages are reloaded, changing from online to offline and back without losing data and much more. Java, Flash and Silverlight based applications with multimedia elements count among these RIAs.

The comunity of official statistics has a long, strong  and very active discussion about visualising statistical information. RIA become more and more important in this field.

Considerably less visualisation discussions and examples can be found in the field of user interfaces and in communicating with users. But for this there are lots of RIA examples out there. Have a look:

The virtual post office counter (it could be our stats portal) 


Making your chocolate bar (it could be selecting a statistical portrait -;)) … and get a free delivery to your friends (while giving away your marketing coordinates!). 


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