Banner Ads – adapted to Official Statistics

On its website headers CBS (Statistics Netherlands) has introduced changing pictures and texts, just like banner ads – but without clicks leading to products.

Living Headers
Living Headers
Living Headers
Living Headers

An interesting idea, attracting attention and delivering messages.

My problem: I nearly forgot to look at the content below ;).

Have a look at it:

2 thoughts on “Banner Ads – adapted to Official Statistics

  1. My first impression was “Funny”, but then I realized it is there and playing each and every time. And if you don’t move your mouse over it starts playing automatically after 10 seconds.
    My opinion it that it is an interesting design product many managers would be happy with, but for users who check the website regularly it might be quite annoying…

  2. I think it’s an interesting idea, but I would have expected that when mousing over something that make an information bubble appear, I could click to go to a page with more information. Especially for the headers on the 1st page, where each infobubble has an icon shaped like a barchart. I thought clicking would get me to that chart?

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