Test TheFactLab – first statistics mashup?

Welcome to the BETA test of www.FactRanking.com. It was presented by Peter Andersson, Omnistat, at the OECD conference about turning statistics into knowledge in Stockholm recently. It might be the first example of a mashup in statistics.

Please try http://www.FactRanking.com and help Omnistat to make this site the best. The site for everyone thirsting for knowledge, who want to know how it really is. We look in to a future where quality secured fact and statistics is both funny and easy to use when you want to learn about the world around you. For all facts you have the source and the definition, and every variable is linked to a encyclopaedia to give you a detailed explanation. Also every country is linked to a map to give you a geographic over view. Here You get new perspective on the truth.

3 thoughts on “Test TheFactLab – first statistics mashup?

  1. This looks really interesting.

    It’s obviously very popular as well: impossible to visualize any data right now (The “Loading…” message goes on and on).

    But I’ll keep trying. Thanks.



    My first try was with Firefox, and indeed just about nothing was working.

    Seeing that the site appears to be using ASP I tought I’d give it a try (just to be sure) with the ol’ Internet Explorer. And, what do you know, everything now appears to work. There’s even a hand that appears over mouse-overs.

    So now I’ll be able to test a bit. But it’s really too bad about being locked into one single browser.


  3. Dear Alain,

    Great that you are curious to work with factranking ( or factlab, the name of the new release. )

    Factranking and factlab are developed on PC with windows and MS Internet Explorer. Working with Firefox today will just give you about 85% functionality. The same situation with Mac and if you are using SAFARI the functionality is even lower. We are working with this, and the new release that will be ready to use in some months don´t have this problem. The Swedish version DN.factlab is already today a BETA2 version, and is a little bit different than Factranking, but looks more like the new release. As soon as this new version will be released it will be able to use it both in English and Swedish.

    We are grateful for all feedback that we can get, and we try to put so many new functions as possible to factlab.

    Info Factlab

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