Shortlist: Better Way- Where does my money go?

Show Us a Better Way – the contest where the UK Government wants to hear what initiative people would  build with public information has published a shortlist with 19 candidates:

Ideas where we hope to create a fully working tool
* UK Cycling
* Can I recycle it?
* Catchment Areas
* Location of Postboxes (in rural and residential areas)
* Loofinder

Ideas where we will develop the idea further
* Road Work API
* Oldie Net
* Free Legal Web
* Allotment Manager
* Where does my money go?

Prototypes we will be funding to be developed further
* UK Schools Map
* School Guru
* Where’s the path
* Wreck Map

The Guardian gives some more information: Plenty of ideas for freeing government data … and finding a loo.

In my opinion, with a statistical perspective (and in times of financial crisis) one of the most interesting (but not winning) proposal is about where our money goes: Where does my money go?

In this direction goes another initiative helping to calculate an organisation’s economic contribution to its community: LM3

lm3 calculate impact
lm3 calculate impact

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