The Web: My genie in the bottle.

A panel with representatives from Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft talking about the future of the Web. Moderated by Nova Spivack. Worth to have a look at !


  • Howard Bloom, Author, The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big Bang to the 21st Century
  • Peter Norvig, Director of Research, Google Inc.
  • Jon Udell, Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation
  • Prabhakar Raghavan, PhD, Head of Research and Search Strategy, Yahoo! Inc.

And where will the Web go? Some elements from this (quite cautiously made) conversation:

  • Connect the world to the web, merging the world and the web together creating a more tangible Web. From the World Wide Web to the Web Wide World. See more in Nova Spivacks article in his twine: ‘From World Wide Web to Web Wide World — The Web Breaks Out of its Petri Dish’.
  • Howard Bloom wants the web to be  his wish-fulfillment engine, the genie in the bottle, the ultimate extension of his own intelligence and his own knowledge base, the extension of the human brain. See his book ‘Global Brain’.
  • Search engines are stateless, they do not recognise the intent of the searching person. Search engines will develop into this direction.
  • On the other hand: social networks will become the biggest search engine. People meet people and help each other to get the information needed.  So from the three usages of the web (passive consumption, active search and communicating with other people) the third one becomes more important. Data find the data and people find together in the context of the data. People represent semantics.
  • Googgle is not very keen on the idea of the semantic web, declares this to be of marginal interest (really?) Google uses the implicite or informal semantics in the data out there and will learn what’s out in the world.  To do so videos are now in focus to be analyzed.
  • Microsoft will unveil semantics, too, and tries to allow natural language search understanding the meaning of phrases. To do this they bought Powerset and its natural language technology. See the comments in VentureBeat (also about the strategies of Microsoft and Google in this field)

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